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Progress is being made with lawsuits in Colorado! 
We need all you good people to join us on this one and help people.    We provide services for those who need HOPE and a way forward from their suffering and worry.   Thanks for helping.'
Legalising - Unsafe  Press here

E Cigarettes and Vaping
We have added a link with details about Nicotine addiction.   The best way is to stop... Nicotine will leave the system in approximately 3 days and its effects on dopamine in your brain will begin to recover.   Like any addiction there are always those who wish to profit from it.    E Cigarettes and vaping has been banned in some countries and legislation is being pushed through due to negative use of these new devices.   The effects of the nicotine makes changes in the brain as does other addictive substances.   Developing the compulsion to reuse over and over again affects more than the user.   Addictions have many costs.
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Substance abuse is the second most common cause of suicide after mood disorders. Both chronic substance misuse as well as acute substance abuse is associated with an increased risk of suicide.

This is attributed to the intoxicating and disinhibiting effects of many psychoactive substances; when combined with personal grief such as bereavement the risk of suicide is greatly increased. More than 50% of suicides are related to alcohol or drug use.

  1. Suicide is a leading cause of death among young people. The rate of youth suicide in Ireland is the fifth highest in the EU at 15.7 per 100,000 for 15-24 year olds
  2. For each person who dies by suicide it has been estimated that at least 6 other people are affected.  
By reducing alcohol and drugs misuse you will help children have a more stable and happy childhood.   Others may have problems indirectly related.   Join us on this endeavour and get your friends to help.   If they cant text from outside Ireland they can still donate on our donate section.

On another note..... founder of Aisling Group Marie Byrne's book 'January River' (Rio de Janeiro) has now been released, June 2014 and her new book 'Angel In The Marble '- Drug culture,prevention,recovery- is due out end 2017.
Marie has moved on to focus more on her writing, consultancy and travel journals. Marie's motto is living life to the best of your ability is still true. Change is inevitable.
Book available on line :  www.mariebyrnenow.com Amazon etc, paperback & ebook.
January River covers her journey working with our countries affected by drugs/alcohol.   Marie liaised with the police of Rio responsible for pacifying the serious crime areas of the city pre World cup and Olympics.   It includes coverage of & including photos, of the poor and wealthy areas of Rio and how they benefit from pacification. Information on the effects of drugs/alcohol misuse in Ireland is also covered.   It covers how bureaucracy can camouflage what the needs of the people really are and how we can really address them. 
Click here to purchase January River on line.

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Race Around Ireland & Race Across America for 'Aisling Group'

   Donncha Cuttriss (charity patron) cycles for Aisling in Race Around Ireland 1500 miles non stop. (Donncha is the first  Irish person to take part in and complete the Ultra marathon cycle Race Across America 3000 miles non stop.

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June 4th
1Mike Reade interview with Marie Byrne about solvent misuse and consequences.  Press here   (at the start of the program)

1.  RTE Radio Interview with Marie Byrne regarding serious side effects from Cannabis use.   A recent report on 2 girls in serious condition after using Cannabis.
Click here  RTE 1 Interview    May30th,2013

2.  Mike Reade interview with Marie Byrne regarding the side effects from Cannabis use.  2 girls seriously ill after using.
Click Here Mike Reade Interview May 20th 2013

Annual report from International Narcotics Control Board click here

Addiction and the changes in the brain click here


Information Video for Parent power about drugs and their children(Press)

They Lied! Drug Prevention Video


Drugs abuse: faces before and after; addicted conditionVideo(Press)

LMFM Interview with Marie Byrne(Press)

LMFM Interview with Marie Byrne part 2 (Press)
Adult Children of Alcoholics(Press)]
DEA  Information on Drugs
Alan Jones (x Wallabees Oz, most successful coach and 2GB presenter) acceptance award from Aisling Group Int. click here.
Marie Byrne Main Speaker at ECAD (European Cities Again Drugs) conference Cyprus Click Here.
There is an increase in those seeking counseling and support. Drug and alcohol misuse has now spiraled and the misuse of prescription drugs has become a major problem for young people and adults representing with problems. Suicidal tendencies arise for a variety of reasons. Pressure from financial issues, personal problems, family break up and addiction to name a few. In the present financial climate people need to support each other. Remember what is a real value in life and be willing to let go of that which is not. Yes money or the lack of has become a factor in a lot of misery. A situation created by corruption and greed. All of this can be turned around by simple acts of consideration for our fellow citizens.   Working together gives added strength when someone feels they cannot do it on their own.   Sometimes you just have to ask for that help.


Antonio Maria Costa, former head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, in an interview with the Observer said evidence was shown to him that organized crime proceeds were "the only liquid investment capital" available to some banks under threat of co lapse last year. He said that most of the $352bn (£216bn) drugs profits went into the economic system as a result.

This brings up the question about how much crime has an influence on the economic system in crisis . Drug money is laundered through legitimate businesses to clean it and becomes part of the overall money in circulation. It raises the possibility of examination by World leaders on the banking system.People lost a lot of money and some their family homes during this period.

Donncha Cuttriss and the Race Around Ireland 2012 .   Donncha cycled for Aisling Group International charity.
Donncha Cuttriss, long distance solo cycling athlete sponsored this year by Planet X Ireland. Aisling Group International charity was the official charity for the associated event.  Support the charity on the donate    

L to R back: Larry Clarke NRC, Damien English TD, Martina Mayor Anton McCabe, Pat O Reilly. Front L to R: Marie Byrne 'Aisling", Donncha Cuttriss(Patron & 1st Irish solo cyclist in RAAM) Brenda.

Start M3 Cycle 2010 One of the biggest cycling events in Ireland. Organised by Aisling Group International Charity. 1700 cyclists took part.  This was the only major event to take part pre opening on the new M3 Motorway. A major success because all of you took part from across Ireland and visitors from beyond.
Proceeds went to the 'Family counseling & Recovery program fund'.

Afghanistan Drugs
  Video, click here.

Interview Newstalk Radio Breakfast.

Marie Byrne Director Aisling Group International re. Cannabis/drugs
National Newstalk Radio Interview link press here:
March 22/2011 Title 'Drugs'.
Aisling Group Int. supports drug free policies supporting young people gaining back control of their lives and living to their full potential.
Article 33 of the UN conventions said young people are entitled to services that help take them off all psychotropic or illicit substances. Ireland has signed up to these conventions but does not provide the services required as yet.


June 2011 Track Donncha's progress across USA by clicking HERE   In June 2011 Donncha Cuttriss was the first Irish solo cyclist to take part in the world’s toughest ultra marathon cycle (RAAM) RACE ACROSS AMERICA and this is also by invitation. Donncha had 12 days to cycle non stop 3000 miles across US from California to Annapolis, Maryland. He did it in 10 days and 23 hours. He cycled in aid of Aisling Group Int. Charity and hopes to inspire others to what people can achieve and how life is for living to its full potential. People face many challenges and win!

Donncha Cuttriss wearing the RAAM finishing medal with Aisling Group International Director Marie Byrne (also crew member for the event) pictured in New York at the end.

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